Given the name, it’s funny that so much prog rock sounds like it’s stuck in time. Much like black and death metal are obsessed with the 90s, prog seems content to live in the past as well. As with anything, there are exceptions to that rule, and Seven Impale is one such exception. The band’s new album Contrapasso came out today, and it features the song below, “Langour”. The song is everything that prog rock should be in 2016 because it sounds unique, modern, and the songwriting and musicianship are top notch. There is a wide variety of instruments at work, some fantastic percussion at work, and deeply heavy guitar comes in at key moments to keep the song dynamically interesting.

Based on the strength of “Langour”, Contrapasso should already be generating a ton of interest from prog fans. Give the song a listen below, and enjoy the journey!


Order a physical copy of Contrapasso through Karisma Records here.

You can order a digital copy of Contrapasso via Bandcamp here.

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