“Wonder Woman” came out this weekend and, by all means, should be seen by every one. It it’s not just a good Wonder Woman film, not just a good superhero film, but a good film for just about any one to see. It is a film that any one can go see to feel empowered, but especially for the woman and girls who go to see this. It is meant for you.The key to this film, which has been missed by many female comic characters before, is the portrayal of a woman new to this world. Gal Gadot captured the naivety, strength, and passion that is a younger, untested Wonder Woman. The supporting cast, which was wonderfully diverse, helped flesh out the WW1 piece while still making it feel real, instead of making it feel like distant history. The direction and writing in “Wonder Woman” was cohesive together and it left you wanting more.

The choreography in this movie had a perfect balance of Blockbuster energy mixed with a personal flair that is Gadot’s take on this character. It never felt out of character or out of the theme.

The movie did have flaws, mostly in the final twenty minutes of the movie. The ending felt like the only part in the movie that was rushed. It didn’t quite capture or close the journey that Wonder Woman faced in this film.

In conclusion, this film was perfect for everything it was trying to be. A film to empower, a film to be considered more than just a product of it’s genre, and a film to change your assumption on female led films. It it’s easily one of the best films DC has pushed in recent years and should be held as a template for future movies