Hey! Pikmin is back with another adventure following Captain Olimar through new inhabited planets. This new game is a 2DS version of the original Gamecube system but still revolves around the basic mechanics. Players get to experience the 2D platformer in a slightly smaller way this time on the Nintendo 3Ds which can be good and bad depending on how well the other games were received. Players get to experience a touchscreen side scrolling adventure which has been exclusively released for the Nintendo DS system. If you’re really a big fan of the games, a special Amiibo character is releasing the same day as well.

This time around, the reviews seemed to be mixed about the overall game play. While the portability of the game is nice, players feel like they aren’t getting the same experience. This is probably due to the game being completely different and only for this system specifically. In a way, this is like the comparison between Kingdom Hearts on Playstation versus Kingdom Hearts 358/2, most fans would say the handheld version isn’t even worth mentioning and would prefer a solid longer console game.

Players still get to throw their Pikmin and solve puzzles, just in a slightly new way. New features include the ability to swim with the blue Pikmin and fly with the winged Pikmin and survive the more hostile environment. The goal remains the same, escape. This time around however, Puzzles in this game feel stuck between simple and uncomfortable. With every easy puzzle, there is another that takes a while to complete leading to frustration. So even when the player thinks they are in the clear, they really might not be. For a game that might last two days with some dedicated sit-down time, the fun factor is there, just not for very long.

Part of the simplistic nature of this game stems from using the stylus. Most of the time all that is needed is good aim and good timing. If you can aim, then you can throw your Pikmin wherever the target may be. There’s also no shortage of Pikmin to work with. Simply just recall all your Pikmin to get a head count and then send them out to break down walls, move objects and otherwise do the dirty work for you.

Those that did like the game mostly enjoyed the short time they spent on playing while still being able to pass the game with almost a 100% completion rate, and we can’t forget the funny cut scenes that are just cute to watch. Some players even thought that the sounds were catchy and added to the ambiance of the game overall. We can’t complain.



Hey! Pikmin is available at the Nintendo E-Store or where ever video games are sold.