Cuphead is set to release this year on September 29th but we are counting this animated game as one of this year’s most anticipated games. At the E3 expo in 2014, Cuphead made an appearance and blew everyone away by StudioMDHR Entertainment. This may be because of their hand drawn design and call back to old cartoons such as Steamboat Willy created by Disney. Fully in color, this game holds many treasures to be found.

Since the release of the game trailer, many people have been getting lost in long discussions about which consoles the game will officially release on. Word around the campfire says that the game will only be released on XboxOne, Windows 10 and Steam.  From the player’s standpoint, those that have a PS4 or Switch are doomed to be heartbroken unless they have another console or switch their method of game play. This will, however, open up more opportunity for the company to also release a second game, possibly a sequel, so let’s hope this release really hits it out of the water.

If by now you haven’t jumped ship and run to the nearest video source to look up some Cuphead game play, here’s what the game actually is. Cuphead is a run and gun platformer indie game and is rumored to have at least 30 bosses to fight along the way. This is a huge deal because the record for most boss fights in a game has been set at 25, so don’t expect this game to be all puppies and rainbows, despite the overall looks. The main storyline is that Cuphead, your character, loses a deal with the devil and must spend the rest of the game playing to pay the devil back, seems pretty straightforward. But how we get there is the interesting question.

Set back in an older era as the game suggests, there is a lot of motion going on. The animation and art is hand done and absolutely stunning. Almost every piece of the background seems to move as you play your way through the levels, at least from what I can tell. Even with the callback to older advertisements, such as smoking, the game seems to play like a cartoon show. Cuphead flips, flies, jumps and dodges in this 2D platformer and it will all make your head spin. I can’t wait to get in the game to just play the story as a whole, but I’m hopeful all of the motion from the run and gun style won’t cause any random sickness too.

Keep your eyes peeled for September 29th and watch for any following messages related to the game possibly releasing on other consoles in the near future if you want to get your hands on this game. I will be back later to do a full impression on this game when Cuphead finally releases with details at the ready. Also, if you’re interested, make sure to check out the game too on StudioMDHR Entertainment’s website