Welcome to the Raw Review for September 11, 2017. For both this and Smackdown, I will go over what the big talking points were, pick the match of the night, and look ahead to the next show.

Talking Points

The Empire Reigns

John Cena and Roman Reigns have had a stellar few weeks to build up their match at No Mercy. Without getting physical, they have upped the stakes ever week. If there was one complaint, it was that Reigns has looked weaker on the microphone then Cena. That changed on this show, as Reigns was stronger on the mike. By pointing out that Cena is in the WWE because he can’t get into movies, Reigns raised the possibility that Cena is phoning in his commitment to wrestling. Cena tried to recover, but his words sounded childish and did not address any of the things Reigns had brought up.

Fighter Ready

No one is as good at hyping a main event match like Paul Heyman. By talking up instead of down to his client’s, Brock Lesnar, opponent, he is able to make everyone get over. Heyman talked about how Lesnar is considered the underdog before issuing a challenge to the Monster Among Men. Braun Strowman would answer, but it looked at first as if Lesnar had the upper hand. A suplex might have knocked down anyone else, but Strowman got back to his feet in a matter of seconds. Disbelief crossed Lesnar’s face until Strowman proceeded to destroy him. No Mercy can not get here fast enough.

Baby Miz

For the first time in awhile, I was looking forward to Miz TV. The guest was Enizo Amore and I couldn’t wait to see how the best talkers in the WWE would square off. Before the fireworks, Thew Miz announced that he and Maryse were expecting their first child. Congratulations are in order. Amore hit the stage soon after and things got real. Miz ran down the real world issues of Amore while Enzo talked how Miz was just a copy of better wrestlers. The words escalated to a match, which ended in a DQ when Amore said the line of the night (“The question you should be asking that little baby is Who’s your Daddy?”) We can question Amore on his in ring skill, but damn that boy can talk.

Match of the Night

Braun Strowman vs. John Cena (Cena wins by DQ)

Braun Strowman had already destroyed the Beast, so the leader of the Cenation was up next. John Cena played the part of a weary challenger, trying to use his speed to stop the power of Strowman. Strowman took all the hits and still looked for more. The final image of Strowman body slamming Cena onto the steel steps is a powerful image. The DQ finish might upset people, but it was the perfect solution. Cena does not look weak for Reigns, and Strowman built up his Monster persona. The only question is can Strowman hold back his destructive power against Lesnar or will the Lesnar be able to use it to retain his belt?


We are two weeks away from No Mercy, a red hot show that is turning into a must watch. Wyatt continued his obsession with paint and masks. The tension between the four women for the Raw Women’s Championship is near dangerous levels. Sheamus and Cesaro are looking for any advantage against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The landscape of Raw will soon change however, as Asuka is coming. One more show to go until Los Angeles becomes a war zone.