When we look for Cosplayers of the month, we look for talented, crafty, cosplayers with WOW factor to share with you all and there are so many to choose from! We knew when looking for the best of the best, we needed an assist and the first person we thought of was Romanvoa Rose. She has a great eye for talent and captivating cosplay. If you follow her (and you should) you know she is a master at her craft. So, when she suggested Paul to us, we looked at his work and knew we had to share his awesome. Paul, is super kind, talent that is breathtaking and cosplays the best Robin these eyes have ever seen. Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce you to the amazing, Paul Tran.

What inspired you to become a cosplayer?

The overall love for the craft is what inspires me– mainly the creating process. I create things on a normal basis but only digitally, with cosplay I’m able to work with my hands and physically create pieces. I love taking characters and adding my own spin and reworking designs that appeal to me. I take the time to learn new ways and techniques to better enhance new and upcoming designs and projects.

 What was the very first cosplay you did?

The Riddler from DC Comics was my very first costume. I picked him because it looked simple to put together and it was dressing up without going ‘full blown’ cosplay, just a suit and a mask. This was before I knew how to craft and sew. I figured it was an easy cosplay that I can piece together. I did create the ‘question mark’ cane, though, and it was my proudest piece. Looking back now, I can see how terrible it was. I know there’s a stigma out there that “a cosplayer must create their own costumes”, but in reality piecing together a cosplay was a great way for me to get started. That goes with purchasing commissioned work too. It’s an awesome way to fund the industry and support artists who are contributing to this subculture.

 Since you craft your cosplay from scratch, what would you say has been the most challenging piece of cosplay that you’ve worked on to date?

The most challenging piece to create was Damian Wayne’s jacket. Sewing isn’t my strongest skill, so there were many things I had to research and learn. I patterned the piece on my own and created stretch panels to help it fit like a glove. I learned to incorporate different functions in the jacket like zippers, magnetic clasps, and piping to help with the details.

Your Robin cosplay is the best we have seen but we have to ask, from all you have cosplayed, which is your favorite?

Damian Wayne from Super Sons would be one of my favorites. I loved how it was a combination of armor and fabric that I crafted and handsewn. It was also my first cosplay I competed and won a competition with. Kakashi from Naturo is also one of my favorites. I love the reactions I receive at cons with him.

When you aren’t working on cosplay, what are you doing in your spare time?

I enjoy playing video games and reading comics, there are so many I need to catch up on. I enjoy visiting my local comic book store and just browsing. Any free time I get I try to spend it with family and friends.

What is the best things you’ve learned about yourself since you started cosplaying?

For sure multi-tasking. It’s hard for me to not be so wrapped up in this hobby. Especially when projects normally take months to complete and deadlines need to be met. Trying to find a happy medium between balancing a healthy social life and getting work complete in a timely manner is difficult. It took me awhile to learn and understand that I needed to designate enough time for friends and family to keep me level-headed and sane.

 Do you have any projects in the near future we will be excited to see?

Like many cosplayers I have an ever-changing list of projects. To wrap up this year I hope to have Cayde-6 from Destiny completed and perhaps Sokka from the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

 What is your advice to those just getting into cosplay?

My advice is to start with a character you’re passionate about. This will help motivate you and just go for it! Do as much research as you can and know that your first cosplay might not be the best and you’ll make mistakes but it’ll only get better from here on. Also with cosplay do it for fun, not for fame.

 Where can we find you online?

I actually just opened a website. I post tutorials, blogs, templates I’ve personally used and created, and any upcoming events I have planned. On social media you can find me by using the handle @mrpaultran.

Instagram- instagram.com/mrpaultran

Facebook- facebook.com/mrpaultran

Twitter- twitter.com/mrpaultran