Welcome to the Raw Review for December 11, 2017. For both this and Smackdown, I will go over what the big talking points were, pick the match of the night, and look ahead to the next show.

Talking Points


There is so much to love about the Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy feud. Wyatt is all in in what Hardy calls the Great War. Hardy is talking about Sister Abigail as if these two spirits have been fighting for centuries. What is a nice touch is the difference in how both men are presented. Wyatt is in a dark and smokey room, Hardy is in a brightly lit room with a blue tarp behind him. The only thing I would suggest is to stop showing Wyatt and Hardy’s title cards when the switch over happens. Let it just happen.

Enough is Enough

Absolution rolled through one part of the Women’s division, but found a roadblock later on. After Paige and Rose beat Baley and Mickie James, they continued their obsession with Askua. The time for talk ended and all three members attacked the Empress of Tomorrow. This brought out every women and they proceeded to make the three interlopers run away. I am very curious to see where this going as I don’t know if Absolution can take on the entire Raw Women’s Division

Into the Abyss

With the announcement that the winner would face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, the match between Braun Strowman and Kane took on a much higher level. The two wasted no time in beating the hell out of each other. The focus on destruction was so great that both men were counted out. This did not stop the brawl as the two used tables, stairs, and chairs on each other. After the dust was settled, Strowman was the last man standing. A great moment when both men were down and  Kane sat up, followed moments later by Strowman.

Match of the Night

Intercontinental Champions Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro (Intercontinental Championship Match) (Reigns wins by pin fall)

This was a fantastic match that relied on two opponents matching each other moves. Roman Reigns went for speed and power, while Cesaro tried to slow things down with counters and ring psychology. The audience was fully invested and these two put on one of the best free matches of all time. There might come a time when Cesaro may be moved into looking for a bigger championship, but Reigns looked like a star as well.


Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus in a match that could have been the match of the night. Dean Ambrose loss to Samoa Joe, but Jason Jordan had a big hand in it. Drew Gulack will face Cedric Alexander next week for the right to face Enzo Amore. Brock Lesnar will be on hand next week to find out who he will;l face at the Royal Rumble.