Brought to us by Numantian Games, They Are Billions is reminiscent of the Sim City games, only with a twist. Imagine a game that brings The Walking Dead to to you and throws in some Plague Inc. style situations. With the release of the game only being 24 hours old, the reviews are positive and the game play is epic.

For the players that like strategy and survival, They Are Billions brings all of that to the forefront. In the game, players must rebuild their colonies in a post-apocalyptic landscape. With the rebuild, hopefully the colonies will grow and everyone will survive. But be careful, when the hordes of zombies start to attack, it only takes one infected human to bring down everything that’s been created.

A unique feature that this game presents is the AI. Each zombie in the game (and there are literally billions) has its own AI. So each zombie acts differently even though there are so many. This is where strategy will really come in to play because there are ways to call attention to your area, such as an oil deposit by using noise, and take out as many zombies as you can without hurting your colony.

As a functioning colony, there is also a need for using the resources around you. The different landscapes and environment will provide a lot of what you need but you must constantly stay in motion to keep your citizens thriving. Each landscape will give players a little something different so it is crucial that you learn to build structures and give precise orders to your army.

When they game gets a little hard to handle, pause and take a moment to rethink your strategy. The developers created the game to be in real time. If you take a break too, take a moment to stop and look at their high definition graphics. There is a Victorian and Steampunk style to everything in the game and it all looks amazing!



There is a still a little more to be added to the game such as campaigns that players can get in on to see how many zombies they can take out all at once but for now players can enjoy the game without the extras. They Are Billions looks like a lot of fun and has a lot of replay value, just don’t let the billions of zombies get you down.



They Are Billions is available now on PC