1. Cuphead

-A break out game that was rage inducing, while being one of the most beautiful games to look at.

2.Night in the Woods

-Mae and her friends explore Possum Springs in a game that was impossible to define and impossible to stop playing.

  1. What Remains of Edith Finch

– A walking simulator that had more heart than most Hollywood movies.

4.Hollow Knight

-A throwback to Metroidvania games and a story that I am still convinced is connected to Dark Souls.

5.Doki Doki Literature Club!

-A fun and romantic dating sim. Those three warnings at the beginning are just a joke!

6.Hidden Folks

– Where’s Waldo for the new generation. Harder than you think it is.

7.Last Day of June

-A heart breaking game about how far you will go to save the one you love.

8.Please Knock on my Door

-Social anxiety is presented in a relateable experience that makes you wish you could hug the in-game character.

9.Bury Me, My Love

-The safety of a Syrian refugee is in your hands in this text based adventure.


-Never has an indie game looked more like an AAA game and packed such an emotional message