It’s a new year and that can only mean one thing….a new Cosplayer of the month is upon us! I am genuinely excited to introduce you to a cosplayer that has some serious talent. She crafts her own cosplay, is an artist, a gamer and has some pretty fantastic fandoms. When we began planning for the new year, Romanova Rose suggested her and I knew she was someone you all had to know. I am thrilled to introduce you to the amazing North’s Star!

Can you tell us, what was it that got you interested in cosplay?

From a young age I’ve always been really into art, dress up, and make believe. I’ve always wanted to embody the characters I grew up with. I’d taken a couple basic sewing lessons in elementary school and I was always drawing/designing new looks for characters. So cosplay was just sort of the natural next step in my life.

(Arsenal, photo: @Mdavid_photography )

I’m so lucky to be surrounded with talented, inspiring cosplayers who I’m very close with; we all bounce ideas off of each other. There are so many fandoms I’m interested in that sometimes I picture characters I love in that universe or in that situation and it becomes a new cosplay possibility.

(Jedi Anna, @JasonLaboyPhotography )

What is the hardest thing about cosplaying for you?

Over-ambition, perfectionism, time and money management. My brain is like a million google tabs open all the time, theres so many things I want to cosplay; I’m my own worst enemy. I plan tons of big projects and give myself no time to make them. Money is always a problem in any hobby and oftentimes the projects cosplayers are trying to recreate is something a studio spent thousands of dollars on with a full team of designers, technicians, and artists. Theres so many skill sets you need to accomplish cosplay as well, you kind of have to become a Jill-of-all-trades.

(Batgirl, @G28646 )

Outside of being a cosplayer, what other things are you into?

Outside of cosplay I’m really into my fandoms (comics, cartoons, movies, etc), I love gaming, I love art in every medium (2D, Digital, 3D, etc). I love learning new skills to help me improve my cosplays.

If you could cosplay with anyone in a partner cosplay shoot, who would it be?

Outside of my gang, who I adore working with, I’d definitely love to do a Red Lantern Harley vs Green Lantern Hal shoot with SuperxLuigi. Shooting my Star Lord with Lana.Read’s Yondu, A Flash and Kid Flash shoot with CutiePieSensei, Beast Boy and Cyborg with theblerdvision (which we talked about it at NYCC almost two years ago!!) Just to name a few, I honestly have lists of shoots I’d love to accomplish with a wide variety of cosplayers. There are so many incredibly talented artists out there.

(Rey, @jmw_photography_59 )

What are the top three cosplays that you have done?

I know my most popular cosplays are Black Canary, Supergirl, and Captain Marvel; however I think the most fun I’ve ever had in cosplays were Arsenal, Starlord, and Poe Dameron.

(Starlord, @edwardfotography )

What are the next events we can expect to see cosplay from you?

As of now my next confirmed events are Monster Mania, East Coast Comic Con, and Connecticon.

(Supergirl, )

What would you say that being a cosplayer has changed about you as a person?

Being a cosplayer taught me how to deal with difficult social situations, how to step away from negativity, it’s motivated me to travel and learn new things. I’ve gotten more comfortable in my skin thanks to cosplay.

(Black Canary, @jcramos_photography )

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