Welcome to the Raw Review for January 8, 2018. For both this and Smackdown, I will go over what the big talking points were, pick the match of the night, and look ahead to the next show.

Talking Points

The A-Lister Returns

The Miz returned to Raw after a six week hiatus to film a movie. The crowd was happy that he was back, but no one was more happy happy then Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The were eager to give the Miz gifts and even began to shove each other until Miz separated them. Turning his wraith to Roman Reigns, Miz claimed that Reigns had HIS title and that he would get it back. Kurt Angle made the rematch for the 25th Anniversary show of Raw. Miz put a final exclamation point when he attacked Reigns and hit him with a triple power bomb. One of the, if not the best, villain is back and Reigns better come up with something if he wants to keep his title in two weeks.


Sheamus and Ceasro would get their Tag Team Title rematch as well, but they would have to wait for the Royal Rumble. Feeling in the mood to fight, they were presented with Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews, accompanied by Dana Brooke. Perhaps the Bar was not taking them seriously or that Crews and Titus are better then most people give them credit. Whatever the reason, Sheamus found himself rolled up and pinned by Titus for the upset victory. I have always loved the concept of Titus WORLDWIDE and here’s hoping that this victory is not the only one in the near future

No Mercy

Brock Lesnar was back with Paul Heyman and the Advocate gave another great promo about how maybe Lesnar will pin both men. This was not about the Beast, as a sneak attack by Kane started a brawl backstage. Both men were soon buried under equipment, courtesy of Braun Strowman. The Monster wasn’t done as he then used a grappling hook to bring down a part of the stage right on top of his two foes. Strowman might be the best monster heel ever. He knack for destruction makes him a force to be feared ever week.

Match of the Night

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan vs Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Balor, Gallows and Anderson win by pinfall win by pin fall)

The Balor Club is officially more then a one night reunion. It will work for the amount of swagger that Finn Balor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have found. This match showed that they are to be taken seriously, as they outwitted their opponents time and time again. Jason Jordan is a heel now, make no mistake about it, and his interference that might have cost his team the match shows where the breakdown will start. If the Balor CLub is still around for Wrestlemania, and Dean Ambrose comes back, The Shield vs the Balor Club should be a no brainier.


Cedric Alexander got the win, but not the belt, from Enzo Amore. Amore got busted open and might have hurt his ankle legitimately. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt had a face off where both laughed, and it worked very well. Askua might be on top of everyone, but Nia Jax left her laying after a sneak attack. Paige seems to be ok after a scary moment at a house show. Two weeks until the star studded 25th Anniversary episode of Raw.