Very recently, I had the opportunity to go to Denver at the Paramount Theatre and see the Markiplier You’re Welcome Tour. Being a subscriber to Markiplier already and his friends too, I was unsure what I would be getting in to but I knew it was going to be epic. Even if you don’t follow Markiplier this show would no doubt knock your socks off.

Waiting in line at the theater, there were some curious people that would stop by and ask what we were all waiting for. Excitedly the YouTube community would come together and educate the onlookers. While standing there as well, something dawned on me. What exactly was I about to see? I know Mark and his friends from gaming videos online, and there was very little I knew about what was going to be presented to all of us. I did know however, Mark is ambitious and likes to do improv so comedy was definitely in the future. On top of all that, the realization that this tour wouldn’t be coming back again made everything much more bittersweet too.

By now, you probably want to know what the show is too. Markiplier’s You’re Welcome Tour is a group that Mark and his closest friends are a part of. They chose to do a couple short circuits traveling the U.S and Europe doing their improv show. The show is comedy based with some props and the audience doesn’t realize just how much they dictate how the show goes.

Without giving too much away, there is a bit of singing, a bit of dancing and gaming. The gaming part alone made me feel giddy because it is how we all are connected to this group. The whole show is focused around the audience members that get to come up on stage. Depending on what the chosen people say, dictates how Mark and his friends react and keep the show going. Our area got the Western show, which was a first for the group of guys, and they seemed thrilled. One of the best parts was seeing laughter by the Mark and his friends.

Here are the pros and cons of the show. No matter how much praise I give this show, every show has some ups and downs. One of the biggest issues with the show was the audio. The headsets weren’t quite right and there wasn’t a typical warm up from the guys to introduce themselves to the crowd, they simply just began the show. The theater itself was small but that worked in everyone’s favor due to audio issues. The small area however provided a neat spot to interact with the guys with the green or red voting paddles that everyone got when they arrived.

Your Welcome is not just a video game live show, but a funny and well produced bit of theater. You don’t have to know the Mark, Bob, Ethan, Wade, or Tyler to enjoy what they have created. Check to see if a show is near you, or wait for the DVD special they are making in Las Vegas. Five gamers put on a very funny show that everyone can enjoy.