With the release in full swing, Dragon Ball FighterZ, created by Arc System Works, is quickly taking the world by storm. There are three different story modes to get in to as well as a single and multiplayer mode. Many fans are now reliving the nostalgia of their past by selecting any of the 21 characters. Players can even stop in just to watch other matches or compete in tournaments. The only question that remains is, what path will you take?

As they story mode begins, something terrible has happened. The Z fighters are powerless, and some of their greatest villains have returned. It turns out this is the work of Android 21, a new character created just for this game. There are three story arcs, which each have sub story arcs, so if you want the whole story, you will have to play all of it. There is also an arcade mode were winning earns you prizes, and a tournament mode to test your skills. The online connects you with other players, but know you stuff before you challenge some experienced players.

The opening alone was a blast from the past. For avid watchers of the show, the title screen has a seamless intro that makes the game feel like you just jumped straight in to a new episode of the acclaimed show. Even the cut scenes are spot on. When playing story mode, players can select the Japanese or English subtitles. There was just something super exciting about hearing the familiar voices when entering in to the story mode. An unexpected, but pleasant change are the story choices. For example, players can choose questions they would like to ask in order to advance the plot.

Artistically, Dragon Ball FighterZ is everything and more. The arenas are full of stunning color and details. To be fair, so are the characters. In the lobby, where everything gets started, there is a feeling of being in Super Mario World for the Nintendo 64. Roaming around is a delight and looking in to the different areas is just plain exciting. There are different things to explore, to a shop were you can get more in game money, to an information booth. One of the coolest features is an area where you can watch replays of other fighters matches.

Mechanically the game works a lot like recent games such as Marvel vs. Capcom and Super Smash Bros so if fighting is your style, this game should have you entertained for quite a while with all of the character combinations. Powers bars are highlighted at the top and must be worn down in a chosen timed session for a complete KO. Players can work their way through the ranks of teams to keep collecting high ranks. No surprise added here either that the gameplay is extremely fast paced and keeps everyone on their toes for the full session. Any break could cost players the whole match.

A lot of work has been put in to this game so there are a lot of details missed in this review. I encourage anyone interested in trying this game to give it a shot. With online play abilities and the addition of collecting dragon balls along the way, there is a lot to be discovered.




Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now on PS4, Xbox, and PC