Chocked full of characters, 83 to be exact, Dynasty Warriors 9 developed by Omega Force, will be another force to be reckoned with in the gaming world. With new features that expand on the previous games in the series, players will find a new mesmerizing experience around every turn.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is now an open world hack and slash game with some strategic elements. Based in China, players are able to free roam around the map in different environments via horse and even on foot. Geared with a grappling hook, players will continue to invade enemies and their territories to gain the upper hand. The storyline is about the battle that took place many centuries ago. China was in disarray and various leaders looked to become the only ruler. You will complete the main story while also doing a few side quests.

Some new additions to the game include the changing environment. Now, the map will include weather changing events and a day- night cycle. Both of these affect the visibility for the player. Along with side missions that will help to open of the map in an easier fashion, players can now customize their hideouts. Furniture can be placed that provides different music in the game and many other things that you will just have to discover for yourself. Much like Monster Hunter World, food plays a specific part in Dynasty Warriors 9 as well. Players will need to visit teahouses in order to grab food that will increase player stats such as stamina.

The main enjoyment from the game is when you are in full battle with an opposing force. The screen fills with characters that you must fight thru in order to get to the general or one of the main fighters. Combos can be stacked and it is very easy to hack and slash your way through. One of the problems with previous games was the map. It can be very hard to find where you are going in the amount of time you have. Thankfully, the maps in this one seem more simple and getting to the bosses was much easier.

Since there are so many characters included in the game, long term players will have fun going through and playing over and over. Each character has a unique individual ending. Although it’s unclear right now, recreational events are in the game as well such as camping and fishing but these events may or may not change depending on the character. Part of the strength of the Dynasty Warriors series is that it is based on historical fact. I had a friend who was from China and she informed me that the people were real and most of the battles occurred.

With such stiff competition to have a bigger better game, Dynasty Warriors 9 has done a great job with their graphics. The environments look nice and sharp and so do the characters. The real test will be if the new changes turn off players from previous installments. With a larger focus on open world, like many other games, Dynasty Warriors 9 is posed to be a new look at this beloved series. If you have not played any of the other games, this might be the perfect introduction to join the battle in Ancient China.


Dynasty Warriors 9 is available now on PS4, Xbox and PC