91 Days

Like most anime fans, I tend to gravitate to certain genres more than others.  With that being said, when I got a notification on my phone a few weeks back stating Crunchyroll had an exclusive series, that they were dubbing “The Godfather of Anime”, I quickly dismissed it.  Not because I don’t like shows about mobsters and illegal activities, but because I didn’t think this premise alone, as an anime, was something I would enjoy.  Sure it’s mixed with some mechs or mystical abilities would be right at the top of my list on any other day, but without… no thank you! Then a week went by and well, here is a review


“91 Days” begins in poverty and desperation, as you are introduced to Avilio Brunno (aka Angelo Legusa), a pick pocket who struggles to get buy in life during the Prohibition era, until one day he is handed a letter addressed to Angelo from one of the tenants in his slum apartment complex.  Upon opening this letter from a quasi-benefactor wanting to help Angelo get , a sadistic grin crosses his face and we are swept back seven years in the past…..

Its a cold snowy night, where young Angelo is sitting at the family dining room table of his parents cozy home in the country while his younger brother Luca and childhood friend Corteo are playing, waiting for his mother to finish dinner and for his father to come home to celebrate his birthday.  The celebrations soon take a turn for the worse after his friend leaves to make the long trek back to his sick mother and his father returns home and a late night visitor from the Family he works for comes by to tell him the Don is dead and that he is taking over as the new Don.  Not happy with the news, Angelo’s father retaliates and it ends with Angelo’s entire family being killed before his eyes.

Fast Forward 7 years, and with the name of the Crime boss who gunned down his family, Angelo calls on his old friend Corteo, who is living as a moonshiner to make ends meet, and decides to use his friends product to give him an in with the very same mobsters who ruined his life and begin down the dark path only he can take to avenge his family.  Quickly, we begin to see the torment and depths in which our protagonist and his friend must endure as they walk down a path lined with lies and deceit in order to fine justice for the family and friends they both lost.

The story, written by Taku Kisimoto (the mind behind “Erased”), at times can be slightly predictable, however it can surprise you if you are not paying attention.  The opening theme of the series is a powerful emotion filled intro that makes the viewer feel the pain and sorrow that drives Angelo to do what he must do… even if it means he has to die trying.