Check out the interview with Chance Prophet as he sat down with Carter Jelacic to talk about his stellar career highlights and more.

Thank you for joining me today

Thanks for the opportunity! 

What call you tell us about your career in the ring?

It’s been almost 18 years of great times, great stories, some horrible matches sprinkled here and there, but an amazing experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

 What are your greatest accomplishments in the wrestling business?

I’ve been blessed to face a laundry list of “who’s who” in professional wrestling. From AJ Styles, to Golddust, to Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley as we know and love him.  My greatest accomplishment is never letting the doubters get me down when I first started.  One anonymous guy on the old APW Message Board said that I would be “nothing more than house talent for one or two promotions”, and as it stands now, I’ve wrestled for the biggest promotions in America, held the NWA National Heavyweight Championship twice, helped establish countless indie promotions across the country, and work with some really great (and really rotten) promoters.

Can you give us a list of the titles that have held over your career?

 NWA National Heavyweight Championship, NWA Bahamas Heavyweight Championship, IWA East Coast Heavyweight Championship, IWA East Coast Tag Team Championship, Remix Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, Heartland Wrestling Association Heavyweight Championship,  Mad Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, Mad Pro Wrestling MX Championship, NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Championship, NWA Tri-State Heavyweight Championship, VOW Heavyweight Championship, NWA Buckeye Heavyweight Championship, XTC Heavyweight Championship, Mega Pro Heavyweight Championship, Jewel City Heavyweight Championship,  APW Tag Team Championship, HCW Heavyweight Championship, UWA United States Championship, XMCW Heavyweight Championship, XMCW XIC Championship,  CWF Midwest Heavyweight Championship, APWA Heavyweight Championship, APWA Cruiserweight Championship, 304 Wrestling Heavyweight Champion,.

 To date, who has been your greatest opponent?

My greatest opponents would have had to be Damien Wayne and Kahagas.  We put our bodies and careers through hell in 7 different states.  

 You defend the IWA East Coast Championship against Ron Mathis on March 25th.   What can you tell us about your feud with Mathis and what are your true feelings about the “White Trash Hero”?

 I feel that Ron is a legitimate threat to any competitor that has something he wants.  Whether its a championship, or a spot.  He’s already shown he will go to any length to get what he wants. I’m honestly a fan of his work ethic…but, I’m also older, wiser, meaner, and a little bit craftier than him.  He has beaten me before, but I don’t really look at win-loss records as the threat.  I look at his willingness to put his body on the line to get the job done as the threat.  But then again, I’ve never been one to shy away from any type of a fight.

Thank you for your time, and good luck on the 25th.,