This year so far has been the year for major releases, not only for new exciting games but also for sequels. Destiny 2, among these games is back with improvements and some are saying this release is better than its predecessor. While the game is still familiar, there have been some changes and not everyone has had a chance to get a glimpse of the glory due to the release scheduling. So let’s get in to the good stuff and talk about how it all works.

Destiny 2 launched on September 6th, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but sadly won’t be released for Windows PC until October 24th and will be accessible through the Blizzard app ( Luckily that’s just around the corner. According to Bungie and Activision, there will be some sort of rolling releases according to region, country, etc. Most times, the game will be released and ready to play midnight on the day of release but the better option would be to follow the game online to look for release information times for your area.

If there has ever been a time to decide which platform to play on, it’s now. Since Destiny 2 was released across all three platforms, it’s a good idea to decide where your group will mostly be playing. Otherwise, the PC version is said to release with 4k capabilities, work on wide monitors and still be compatible with older hardware. This is just some of the games hidden treasure if you’re willing to wait the extra time to play. When compared to the PC, Playstation has teamed up with Activision to offer a lot of extra content all the way through Fall 2018. Some of the stuff available will be a ship in City Apex, a sniper rifle in Borealis and a strike in the Lake of Shadows. But the list goes on and who knows what they will be releasing throughout that whole time.

For example, since the strike in the Lake of Shadows will be an extra item, that means there six strikes on PS4 and five on PC and Xbox One. Fans also had a fear that they would have to wander around and orbit between destinations. Nope! Someone created a revolutionary map that allows for fast travel and the ability to look at individual worlds too while you’re already there. Also, has anyone else noticed the difference in how often Sparrows show up? There is a reason for all of that and you can thank Bungie. Sparrows are pretty commonplace in Destiny but most times you had to buy them or buy to upgrade them throughout the game. By choice of Bungie, players must now go without a Sparrow because they wanted the players to slow down and enjoy the game versus bypassing all of the new content. So for those that are looking, you’ll need to participate in the Destiny 2 campaign to get a Sparrow.

Since there is content galore, I’ll just go over what else to expect from Destiny 2. Most of the features are like the original game, but better. The game will still offer PVP, PVE and raids. Each week everything will reset for new goals just like the other game and matchmaking will still be available. Eleven Crucible maps will be available as well as at least five Crucible modes. Players will still be able to modify weapons and armor but the armor will now be tied to three different character statistics; mobility, recovery and resilience so plan accordingly. Basically, if anything can be upgraded or expanded players will in fact get the chance to do so through loot drops and patience. Yes, players will still be on Earth like the previous game, but now will be focusing on the European Dead Zone and will still have four destinations total. I hope you got all of that information.

Most of the features have been included here but check out the game for yourself when it releases in your area. With as many features and hidden gems as this version of Destiny 2 has, some content may have been missed or was left out intentionally. Feel free to leave any information that may have been missed for your fellow gamers!