Welcome to the Raw Review for November 6, 2017. For both this and Smackdown, I will go over what the big talking points were, pick the match of the night, and look ahead to the next show.

Talking Points

I Wanna Know

Raw has lagged behind Smackdown in naming people to be on their teams. This changed as five new members were added. On the women’s side, Askua was named in what should have been a no brainier for Alicia Fox. Sasha Banks joined her, but the Hugger herself, Bayley, was left out. For the men, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor were added, moments after trying to tear each other apart. Jason Jordan was the final member of Team Raw, raising questions if his father, Kurt Angle, is playing favorites. Raw’s team looks to be the stronger of the two, but Smackdown has one more name to add.

A Tough Negotiator

Braun Strowman was Angle’s first choice for Team Raw, but he accepted only if he could have a match against the Miz. the Miz tried every trick in the book, but not even the Miztourage could save him. Strowman attacked anyone foolish to get in his way. He looked to be crushing his way to a victory when Kane decided to interrupt. Strowman was able to stop a chokeslam, but moments after planting Kane, The Big Red Machine sat up. He would not continue his attack on Strowman, but the fact that Kane showed up means that a match is coming between the two monsters of Raw.

The Bruiserweight

If I were Enzo Amore, I would trey and find out who is in the building before I make my way to the ring. After trash talking Kalisto, Angle interrupted Amore to announce his opponent for the night. Pete Dunn walked out to the biggest pop of the night, the look on his face suggesting that this match would be a quick one. Dunn demolished Amore, but Amore almost stole another victory. Kalisto was at ringside to make sure that did not happen and Amore was dropped by Dunn a few seconds after. Does this mean that Dunn is now on the main roster?


Match of the Night

Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro & Sheamus (Tag Team Title Match) (Sheamus & Cesaro win by pin fall to become the new Tag Team Champions)

This was a shocker of a match for a few reasons. The first was that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins seemed in the beginning to match The Bar power move for power move. The second was that Cesaro and Sheamus were able to turn up the speed of the match. It seemed that both teams had switched from their usual styles. Near the end, there were numerous near falls that had the crowd rocking. Everything stopped, when The New Day made an appearance. Their distraction brought out the locker room, but also distracted Rollins for long enough for Sheamus to hit a Brogue Kick for the win. With the news that Roman Reigns will return next week, will we see The Shield vs the New Day at Survivor Series?


Coming from Manchester, Raw had a strong show with a crowd who was very into the promos and matches. We learned that Angle did not set Kane on Daniel Bryan, the big question now is who did? With the teams now set, will we have some other matches to fill out the Survivor Series card? Next week, Brock Lesnar will be on Raw to address either Jinder Mahl or AJ Styles.