The final DLC for Resident Evil 7 has come out and fans will get two stories that continue the plot on the Baker family estate. The first one brings back an old favorite character, while the second wraps up the last lingering thread from the main game. These two DLCs provides two different experiences and build upon the great game that was RE7.

Not a Hero concerns Chris Redfield going after Lucas Baker, who seemed to get away in the main game. Lucas is working for a criminal organization called the Connections and the first team that went after him has gone missing. Chris will have to traverse the salt mines, dodge Lucas’ traps and rescue his captured teammates. He must do so while having a bomb strapped to his arm.

While seeing Chris is a welcomed surprise, his character changes the main component of RE7. Capcom said that RE7 was a return to the survivor horror troupe, and not the action genre that the series became in later installments. Since Chris is a soldier, he is much more equipped to deal with the threats that come at him. Lucas is a great primary antagonist. He doesn’t have world conquering ambitions, he mostly is destroying and killing just because he can. The biggest problem is that the majority of this DLC is in the salt mine which is considered the weakest area of the main game. This doesn’t mean you should skip this DLC as different mechanics are introduced which will force the player to make very quick decisions.


End of Zoe is the second DLC and opens with the shocking reveal that Zoe is still alive. Her uncle Joe Baker is recruited by Umbrella to find a cure. Standing in his way is a monster known as the Swamp Man, a previously unseen monster. Joe must do everything in his power to find the cure that will save the last Baker family member.

This is probably the best DLC that has been released for this game. Zoe was a compelling character in the main game, but everyone knew that Ethan cared more about his wife Mia than her. By having someone that cares primarily about Zoe, the race to find the cure becomes more engaging. The Swamp Man is a fantastic addition to Resident Evil’s gallery. Acting more like Nemesis, you will kill the Swamp Man again and again and he still keeps coming back. There is a major reveal in  this DLC that will have you gasping. The story is engaging and the combat is much more like Ethan’s combat system than Chris’.


One of the biggest draws to this DLC is that it continues the story. Fans get more information on what really happened the the characters. For this game, the DLCs provide a plot that couldn’t have been put in the main game and still gives us all the answers we’ve been looking for. The monsters are still horrifying but the focus is directed more on the story so I can’t complain. Both DLCs to RE7 are worth the play if only to wrap everything up on how the story truly goes.


Resident Evil DLC is available now on PS4, Xbox and PC.