Although the slow time of the year has come upon us again for gaming releases, there is a lot to look forward too for 2018. Luckily, this old game is getting a second chance today on the Nintendo Switch. Furi, a fighting shoot ‘em up created by The Game Bakers released in 2016, poses a lot of challenges with boss fights and particular abilities and tools in order to win. On top of all that the universe has a sci-fi and retro feel as well.

Announced in November that Furi would be released on the Switch, many fans became excited that this boss fighting game would work perfectly with the system. Given that the Switch has dual controllers that can be removed; this appears to make game play easier due to not being stuck in one position. Furi also looks stunning too on the Switch.

Diving in to the plot, the premise seems pretty simple. A mysterious man is trapped in a prison where he is tortured every single day of his life. This particular prison is located above a main planet surrounded by nine or ten other planets. One day, a man dressed as a rabbit finds this prisoner and gives him a sword and a gun. He then tells the prisoner to fight for his freedom and this is where the story begins. Although there is some exploration and family ties in this plot, the prisoner must escape and move on to the following planets.

Playing as this prisoner, he only has a limited skill set that he can use to escape. So, he uses melee attacks, bullet fury attacks and dodges with a few quick time events thrown in for good measure. Typically a player can expect this game to be exceptionally hard and spend large chunks of time beating bosses. Depending on the strategies chosen to fight the different bosses, these puzzle-like fights can either be really easy or extremely difficult. With that said, chose your strategy wisely.

While many people point to Cuphead as the game that made bosses the main focus, Furi was made long before it. These types of games are not for everyone, as it seems that their is a start and stop form of gameplay. For other fans, the game play is fast and there are few boring sections to get through to get to a boss. The game itself has aged well, and it looks beautiful. This game is perfect for the Switch and this release will expose the game to a new section of fans.


Furi is available now for PS4, Xbox, Pc, and on the Switch January 11,2018