For anyone that likes a good fighting game combined with nostalgia that’s over 9000, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment are about to drop one of the most anticipated titles this month: Dragon Ball FighterZ. The plot is simple, the characters are what we have all been craving and the mechanics are fun.

This new release is a 2.5D fighting game similar to the Marvel vs. Capcom release of 2017. There are three chapters that will cover Super Warriors, Super Villains and the Android Arc. In this fighter, Goku and his friends must battle against an army of super androids and a revived Android 16. The kicker is, these androids look and fight just like Goku and his friends.

Mechanically, Dragon Ball FighterZ controls similarly to the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Players get to select three characters to form a team. At any given time one character can be controlled but swapped out for another character on the team. A unique feature to the game is the ‘Assist’ move. If the player chooses to use ‘Assist,’ this allows the chosen character to attack or use a combo with the entire team. In order for this to work well however, the opposing team must be completely defeated before a win can be accomplished. Among some other neat mechanics are the “Ki Charge” and the “Dragon Rush” move. Although all of these things make the game what it is, the “Come on Shenron!” let’s players gather Dragon balls along the way with combo moves, so this is my personal favorite.

For some lucky players that pre-ordered Dragon Ball FighterZ, Vegeta and Goku (SSGSS) were unlocked and they got to access the early open beta test period. But the company didn’t stop there with spoiling their loyal fan base. Two digital bundles have been announced as well for the “FighterZ Edition” and the “Ultimate Edition.” Both have content such as music, commentary, manga content downloadable characters and more. Right about now a lot of people are probably wishing they had jumped in on this a little sooner.

Long before content even became available, many fans started raving about how they are going to spend their time when Dragon Ball FighterZ comes out. When the first screen shots came out, it looked as if you were playing the anime. So hopefully the game play lives up to the hype because the Dragon Ball franchise simply won’t die and deserves an epic game.



Available on XboxOne, PC, PS4 on January 26, 2018