Welcome to the Smackdown Review for February 6, 2017. For both this and Raw, I will go over what the big talking points were, pick the match of the night, and look ahead to the next show. And since the Mixed Match Challenge has started, I will review who won this weeks match up.

Talking Points

Top Ten

Last week, Danial Bryan made mention that there will now be a top ten list of superstars voted on by the roster. This week, we finally got a look at the list. 10. Tye Dillinger 9. Randy Orton 8. Becky Lynch 7. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos 6. The New Day 5. United States Champion Bobby Roode 4. Naomi 3. Shinsuke Nakamura 2. SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair 1. WWE Champion AJ Styles. This list is a new innovation, but we have to wait and see what it means. Being high on the list gives you more opportunities? If you are right below a title holder, are you the number one contender?

Rusev Goes for the Gold

After winning the Fatal Four Way last week, Rusev challenged Bobby Roode for the US Title. Something that gets over looked with Rusev is that as a monster or a comedic act, he is probably one of the best in the ring. He makes everything he does look good, and he sells for his opponents. This match was a clear example of that and even tho he came up short, Rusev is too talented to be without a belt for long. After the match, Randy Orton hit everyone in his path with an RKO. He might be making his own case for the US Title.

One Down

Charlotte looked to get revenge against one member of the Riott Squad as she took on Liv Morgan in one on one action. Perhaps it was the beat down she experienced last week, but a vicious and focused Flair threw Morgan around the ring like she was a doll. The Riott Squad tried to help, but this only got them thrown out from ringside. All that was left was a Figure Eight Leg Lock and Morgan tapped out. As she left the ring, Charlotte looked at the announcers and said “One down.”

Match of the Night

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens (Winner is the number 1 contender for the WWE Title) (No Contest)

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have played best friends, rivals and everything in between the many years they have worked together. This has allowed for a sense of trust and almost a sixth sense on what a match of theirs should be. Full of a lot of old classics, and some taunts from each men, Zayn and Owens delivered another classic. From  Zayn diving through the corner ropes to hit a DDT or Owens hitting a frog splash, it was like no time had passed. The match ended when Zayn got into AJ Styles face, who was on commentary, enraging him to the point he attacked both men. This led to a bell and the announcement by Danial Bryan that the Championship match at Fastlane would now be a Triple Threat


Mixed Match Challenge Week 4

Goldust & Mandy Rose vs. Jimmy Uso & Namoi (Jimmy and Namoi win by pin fall)

Sometimes, a match does not have to be fast paced or a series of big moves. Sometimes it can just be a fun match to watch. For the first time, fans could vote who the referee was, and Danial Bryan got the nod. The real MVP of this match was Goldust, either playing up his age or being angry at Jimmy Uso for stopping him from getting a kiss from Mandy Rose. Like the last three matches, the women did most of the heavy lifting. Rose was able to stand toe to toe with Namoi, showing that she might be a breakout star for Absolution. Smackdown is finally on the board and they might be joined next week by that OTHER married couple in this tournament.


Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin got mean in order to beat the Ascension. Shinsuke Nakamura remained Styles they have a date in a few months. The Bludgeon Brothers and the Usos are headed for a showdown. And the best member of the New Day is Kofi Kingston.